Hello. I’m Lisa Jamhoury.

I am a Lebanese-American movement artist and programmer based in Burlington, VT, and Brooklyn, NY. Rooted in contemporary circus, my practice includes interactive performances, installations, and websites that use technology to highlight the body’s dynamism and encourage everyone—performer or not—to be aware of their physicality. I recently completed a Human In Residence (HIR) Fellowship, a Research Residency, and my master’s degree at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), where I am an adjunct arts professor.

I developed and continue to maintain the open-source tool Kinectron, which brings lo-fi, real-time motion capture data into the browser. I have choreographed and performed as an aerial acrobat across the United States, including commissioned work for the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics and TEDx Brooklyn.

I’m currently completing a residency with the Conference on Movement and Computing, where I am working on a new series of work, You, Me, and Our Computers, and developing the syllabus for my ITP class, The Body Everywhere and Here. Since 2018 I have been a volunteer advisor for the Stem From Dance “Girls Rise Up” summer program, which empowers girls to engage with STEM through dance.

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